The power of words: brighten up your day with a few simple tips

Everyone's day starts with a pop (or a bang depending on how loud the music on your alarm is). Words can be either shared with a loved one or sung in the shower but for most people, words are part of our everyday lives.

A good way to promote the power of positive thinking is to surround yourself with positive words and positive people so try leaving yourself motivational post-it notes in prominent places. I like, "Stay positive, work hard, make it happen". Give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve something, whether it's sticking with a diet or not saying that (not so nice) comment you so desperately want to say to someone. Use powerful words like, 'will do', 'yes' & I'd be happy to' rather than 'might', 'maybe' & "alright'. Don't take everything others say to heart. We are sensitive beings and often what one person says can be interpreted differently by another. Be strong, be independent and be positive. As the younger generation say, "YOLO". You only live once.