Podcasts - How to Make a Car Journey More Enjoyable

Podcasts are making waves throughout the world and the best thing is that they're (mostly) free! If you're a New Zealander, you may be aware of "Black Hands - The David Bain Story" which was produced by Stuff.co.nz and is a 10 part Podcast.

What is a Podcast you may ask? Podcasts are similar to the golden age of listening to radio stories first thing on a Sunday morning so that your parents could have a sleep in. I recall listening to Peter and the Wolf and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when I was a child, snuggled up in bed before the sun came up so that my parents could have an extra hour to themselves.

So, back to Podcasts. Podcasts are stories, memoirs, lessons or recorded feeds of comedians/radio shows/politicians... etc - you get the idea. They can be anything that people want to record. To listen to them, you'll need the Podcast app and then you can download whatever takes your fancy. As I live rurally, I have a 45 minute car journey into town so this is a great time to listen to Podcasts. Just like listening to music in your car, you either plug in (or use Apple Car Play) and play the Podcasts through your car stereo.

My current favourite genre is crime stories and the team at Wondery (search 'Wondery') have plenty of stories to download. Each episode is usually around 45 mins-1 hour long which is perfect for a trip into town.

A few off my favourites:

Black Hands

Dirty John


Hollywood & Crime


Lock Up Abroad