A Day in The Life...

Having moved away from the frantic pace of Auckland two years ago, I love living in our new home on a rural block of land with views to the Southern Alps in one direction, the coast in the other direction and the Canterbury Plains as far as the eye can see. We have chickens who provide fresh eggs every day, a bountiful vegetable garden and great neighbours, the closest of whom is half a kilometer away.

My day consists of entering orders and working on new ranges for Karen Design, doing the accounts and payroll for my husband's business, tending to the garden and since moving here I have become an Ambulance Officer for our local volunteer station which is hugely rewarding. The 'children' are both now at university and time here seems to go at a much slower pace than in the city so we often get up early, play 18 holes of golf and are back in the office by 9:30am. In the winter it snows on the ground (occasionally) and the local ski field is an hour away. The hills behind us contain amazing DOC walking tracks and the rivers are clear and wonderful on a hot summer day.

My children used to say, "YOLO Mum" (You only live once) and although it can be hard to change what we are used to, sometimes taking that leap into the unknown can be refreshing, kind of like taking a cold shower on a hot day.

That's what my husband and I did and we will never look back. Every day is an adventure and I treasure every moment.