Learning Another Language Is Good For The Soul

It's official - learning another language is good for the soul (& the brain) but of course we all knew that, didn't we?

As we get older our natural tendency is to stick with what we know but how many of you have tried something new recently? Learning a second language is fun, rewarding and has many benefits without the need to visit the country although this can definitely be an added bonus. With the advent of online learning, there are hundreds of different sites where you can learn any language that takes your fancy. In my case it's Japanese as I love the culture, the people and the powder skiing!

So a few weeks ago I found www.japanesepod101.com and they conveniently offer a seven day free premium membership and now I'm hooked. Every day I listen to a couple of 10-12 minute lessons and add to my Japanese vocabulary. It's nothing strenuous and I usually play it on the Sonos system while eating breakfast then practice what I've learnt throughout the day. My ultimate goal is to be able to hold a conversation in Japanese when we next visit Japan and given that it will likely be during their winter (our summer), I've got plenty of time to keep working at it.

Ja matta!

(See you soon)