Lockdown, Rural Style

2020 has certainly been an interesting year to date. I don't know about you, but until this past autumn I'd much rather wake up and 'smell the roses' than read the newspaper every morning but when Covid-19 pounced on us all, that changed. Throughout Lockdown I was hanging out for the 1pm news briefing every afternoon and every morning I'd be trawling through the paper to read how many cases of Covid-19 lil' ol' New Zealand did or didn't have.

When Lockdown hit, things didn't change dramatically for us here but I did get caught up in the bread making fad (fail), the beer making fad (not bad!), propagating plants (success!), the finishing things off fad (finally!), the home baking fad (meh, not me) and the long walks saying hi to everyone you pass fad (loved this!). Eventually the months stretched on and life became well, normal. We did one shop a week rather than seven (yes I know, shopping everyday when you are rural is a sign of bad planning!) even spreading that out to two weeks when I was really organised. When Level 4 Lockdown finally ended we all thought we were 'a team of 5 million' in eliminating Covid-19 from our shores but this was soon nothing more than a dream and living life with Covid-19 among us has become the normal.

What we didn't anticipate is the way New Zealanders have embraced domestic travel and supporting local businesses. That has been what has kept some of the smaller businesses afloat although for how long more, it's a crystal ball.

What will the future brings? Who knows. When will the tourists return? Who knows. For now it's a matter of working with what we have and waiting to see what the future has in store for us but I for one am happy to be living where I am during these unusual times.

Growing monstera plants